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Is Michael Lorenzen Still Playing Baseball?

Yes, Michael Lorenzen is still playing baseball. He currently plays for the Los Angeles Angels as a professional baseball pitcher who previously played for the Cincinnati Reds.

As of November 30, 2021, Lorenzen has agreed to a one-year deal worth $6.75 million with the Los Angeles Angels.

Michael Lorenzen
Michael Lorenzen

Lorenzen was looking for a team that would give him the opportunity to start games, and he settled on the Angels because he grew up in the Anaheim area and knew the franchise well.

While striking out seven in six innings of work against the Miami Marlins, he made his major league debut on April 11, 2022. Against the Chicago White Sox on May 1, 2022, Lorenzen threw the longest start of his career, allowing 3 runs in 8+1/3 innings of work.

Jonathan, Matthew, and Anthony, his older brothers, are all older than Lorenzen. Jonathan was a professional baseball player, while Matthew attended Cypress and Fullerton Colleges to play college baseball.

Lorenzen’s parents were both drug and alcohol dependent, and the family home was frequently visited by the police, according to Lorenzen.

At the age of 17, a guy read him the Gospel and convinced him to stop doing drugs and alcohol. Devote Christians have converted him. His left arm bears a tattoo of Galatians 2:20. In 2016, Lorenzen and Cassi tied the knot.

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