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Jake Kumerow whose full name is Jake Anthony Kumerow is a wide receiver in the National Football League who is known to play for the Buffalo Bills of the NFL. His college days reveal that he was known to have played college football at Illinois as well as Wisconsin-Whitewater. He was known to have been signed first by the Cincinnati Bengals when he was a free agent at the time in the year 2015.

Jake Kumerow who was known as a free agent at the time was known to have been born on February 17, 1992, in Bartlett, Illinois, United States. He began nurturing his NFL college career when for the first time he was known to have caught passes of 3 for 25 years.

His professional career began with the Cincinnati Bengals. The time he signed up with them, was signed on May 8, 2106. Due to his injury concerns, he was always placed on the injured list until his release on September 3, 2016. Currently, Jake is known to play for the Buffalo Bills on a second stint where he joined on

Parents of Jake Kumerov6
Parents of Jake Kumerov6

Who are Jake Kumerow Parents?

Meet Eric Kumerow and Tammi Kumerow who happen to be the parents of Jake Kumerow. His father who is by name Eric Kumerow is known to be a former Miami Dolphins Linebacker. He is known to be an American Football Linebacker who playing three seasons for the Miami Dolphins. Jake’s dad was born on April 17, 1965. His mother on the other hand has not much information on the internet.