Trevon Diggs Contract, Salary and Net Worth

Diggs is only in his third season with the Dallas Cowboys despite the fact that he is 23 years old. He was chosen 51st overall in the draft for his class of 2020. Diggs has had an outstanding run, even taking into account those three years.

Diggs was responsible for causing a fumble at the goal line in Week 3 of the 2020 season, which led to a touchback for the team.

When Diggs’ current deal with the Cowboys expires in 2024, he will be able to sign with any other football team of his choosing as an unrestricted free agent. Depending on how well he plays for the Cowboys between now and 2024, the team has the option of re-signing him to a longer deal when his current deal runs out.

If his current skill set is any indication, by the year 2024 he can anticipate earning a wage that is up to four times as much as the value of his current contract.

This may sound like a long shot to him, but if he maintains the high level of performance and contributions he has shown thus far, the Cowboys may choose to offer him a big deal in the hopes of convincing him to continue playing for the team.

Trevon Diggs Contract

Trevon Diggs reached an agreement with the Dallas Cowboys on a four-year, $6,320,907 contract that included a $2,157,024 signing bonus and a $3,054,338 guarantee.

Trevon Diggs Salary

Trevon Diggs earns a yearly income of $1,580,227. Diggs’ basic salary in 2022 will be $1,184,628, with a cap hit of $1,723,884 and a dead cap value of $1,078,512.

Trevon Diggs Net Worth

Our data suggest that Trevon Diggs has a net worth of $2,200,000. This is based on the average of his base salary, bonuses, and endorsement deals from his four-year contract with the Cowboys.

Diggs has a lot of untapped earning potential because he is just starting out in the football industry.