What Is Alan Trejo Salary: How Much Does Alan Trejo Make?

The Rockies are a little hesitant to hand the daily shortstop duties to Trejo is reasonable. That’s why they’ve at least considered the possibility of using Ryan McMahon as a shortstop in 2021 at the earliest.

The Rockies, on the other hand, attempted this in 2016 with Trevor Story, and the results were disastrous. He was a huge success.

Trevor Story was the Rockies’ #13 prospect in 2015, according to MLB Pipeline. Ryan Castellani and Dom Nuez were in front of him.

Alan Trejo
Alan Trejo

Eddie Butler and Forrest Wall were in the second row. Story ranked 11th in the 2016 rankings, just ahead of the aforementioned individuals and Jeff Hoffman.

Trevor Story, on the other hand, is expected to get a lucrative free agent contract this summer.

This will be a riskier move for Trejo because he isn’t even in the Rockies’ top 30 prospects, and he has never been. Is that to indicate that he won’t have a successful career in the major leagues?

No, but he still needs to improve before he can be called “an everyday shortstop in the majors,” much less an All-Star-like Trevor Story.

Do the Colorado Rockies want him to improve by playing every day in the MLB, sitting on the bench, or returning to Triple-A?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rockies use him more in the majors in 2022 than they did in 2021, but that’s something we’ll find out after the lockout.

How Much Does Alan Trejo Make?

Alan Trejo earns an average of $702,000 each year.