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According to a report by NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, the Arizona Cardinals and linebacker Isaiah Simmons have reached an agreement on a four-year contract with a total value of $20.66 million. According to Rapoport, Simmons will receive a signing bonus of $12.58 million.

Simmons’ collegiate career was spent in the limelight at national powerhouse Clemson, where he excelled as a freakishly athletic linebacker who played at all three levels of the defense in 2019 (defensive line, box linebacker, slot corner, wide corner, and deep safety).

In 2019, Simmons was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the first round of the NFL Draft. In fact, given how well he performed across the field, some observers questioned what Simmons’ true position would be in the NFL. This wasn’t the first time they openly speculated about Simmons’ potential future.

Simmons was a long-jumping phenomenon while he was still in high school in Olathe, Kansas, many years before he became a college football superstar. His track and field coach from high school recently said in an interview with ESPN that he believed “there definitely could have been some Olympic rings in his future.”

Simmons joined the track and field team at Clemson and immediately made an impression on the team’s coach, but he only competed in one event before making the decision to focus solely on football.

How Much Does Isaiah Simmons Make?

Isaiah Simmons earns an average of $5,166,014 per year. Simmons’ base salary in 2022 will be $895,000. He will also get a roster bonus of $1,593,550. His cap hit will be $5,635,651, and his dead cap value will be $12,210,578.

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