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The Los Angeles Raiders were a professional American football team that played in Los Angeles from 1982 to 1994 before relocating back to Oakland, California, where the team played from its inaugural 1960 season to the 1981 season and then again from 1995 to 2019.

Oakland Coliseum’s luxury boxes were not added before the 1980 season because Raiders owner Al Davis was unsuccessful in his efforts to get them added.

Los Angeles Raiders
Los Angeles Raiders

A memorandum of understanding was signed on March 1, 1980, to relocate the Raiders from Oakland to Los Angeles.’ The move, which required the consent of three-quarters of the league owners, was defeated 22–0.” Davis was prevented from moving the team by an injunction when he tried to do so.

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (who recently lost the Los Angeles Rams to Anaheim) launched an antitrust lawsuit against the Raiders in reaction, and the Raiders filed an antitrust case of their own.

An appeals court deemed the first case a mistrial, and Davis and the Coliseum were cleared to proceed forward in May of that year. Los Angeles Coliseum was the Raiders’ new home for the 1982 season when they moved from Oakland.

When did the Raiders move to Oakland from LA?

The Los Angeles Raiders were an American football club that played professionally from the years 1982 to 1994. After that, the team relocated back to Oakland, California, where it played from its first season in 1960 until 1981, and then from 1995 until 2019.