Who Is Cody Thomas Girlfriend?

Overall, things went well. He was once ranked higher of Jared Goff in certain high school quarterback rankings. There were only three games in Thomas’ collegiate career where he appeared as a starter.

Just because of his commitment to the University of Oklahoma, he was selected as a 30th-round draft pick in 2013’s MLB Draft by the Yankees.

In the end, he was traded to the Oakland A’s in exchange for Sheldon Neuse by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 13th round of the 2016 MLB Draft.

As of this writing, Thomas has been a positive influence on A-team performances thus far. In 66 at-bats, he has a slash line of .267/.333/.583, including seven doubles and four home runs.

Although he has struck out 26 times, he is limited in his ability to impact the opposition.

In the past week, that wasn’t a problem Strikeouts were decreased and patience was shown at the plate by Thomas, who punished everything he came across.

His batting line was .450/.522/1.050 in 23 at-bats and included three doubles and three home runs, as well as three walks and four strikeouts.

Even at the age of 27, Thomas is still developing as a baseball prospect because of his time away from the game.

However, his swing is lengthy, and he is prone to striking out because of this. To shorten his swing, the A’s have been working with him, and his performance last week suggests that they have had some success.

Who Is Cody Thomas Girlfriend?

Shaley Witt is Cody Thomas’s girlfriend. The two have been dating since college. Much is not known about¬†Shaley Witt.