Who Is Landon Collins’s Girlfriend, Victoria Lowery?

Landon Alexander Collins was picked by New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

His college football team in Alabama won the 2013 Bowl Championship Series National Championship Game in which he played.

Collins played in three Pro Bowls for the Giants throughout his career and was named to the All-Pro Team in 2016. Collins was an All-American defensive back in football and also a standout in baseball.

He ran for 1,218 yards and 21 touchdowns, good for a 13.7-yard average per carry. He made 34 stops and had four interceptions as a senior, scoring twice from those picks.

He ended up with two touchdowns for the game. At Dutchtown High School, he was one of the top sprinters in the state year after year.

Collins played in all 14 games for the Crimson Tide as a freshman and recorded 17 tackles. He led the team in tackles with 98 as a junior, tied for the lead in interceptions,

and was chosen as an All-American by every coach in the country. After Collins’s junior year of collegiate football, he decided to enter the 2015 NFL Draft.

He decided to forego his last year of high school in order to focus on his education and pursuit of a third national title.

Who Is Landon Collins’s Girlfriend, Victoria Lowery?

Landon Collins’ girlfriend, Victoria Lowery, is a young woman who received her degree from the University of Alabama in 2015.

She was brought up as a devout Christian, and she frequently makes self-righteous comments on social media in which she asserts that she is morally better than other people.