Why Do The Angels Wear A Cowboy Hat?

The “Los Angeles Angels” name originated from the first Los Angeles sports team. The name ‘Angels’ was acquired from the English translation of ‘Los Angeles” which simply means’ The Angels’ in Spanish. The Franchise was known to have been established in the year 1961 after proposed owner Gene Autry brought the rights to continue the Franchise name. History has it that the franchise name was allegedly bought with a worth amount of $350,000.

The Los Angeles Angels is a professional baseball team situated in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The Angels are considered to compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the American League in the West division. The home of the stadium is called Angel Stadium in Anaheim which has been in use since 1966. One Phil Nevin is the known manager at the time.

In the 2016 season, Los Angeles was given official status. They were renowned for winning the World Series in 2002, which was actually their first championship participation to that point. They are renowned for being one of three Major League Baseball teams to triumph in their lone World Series participation.

Los Angeles Angels

Why Do The Angels Wear A Cowboy Hat?

The Angels actually do wear a Cowboy Hat particularly in honor of the team’s founder and owner¬† Gene Autry at the time.

Tim Salmon, an outfielder for the Angels, raised a cowboy hat to the heavens shortly after the team’s victory in Game 7 of the 2002 World Series in tribute to famed country singer and franchise founder Gene Autry. Even though he had passed away in 1998, the Angels had finally fulfilled their vow to “Win One for the Cowboy.”