In a deal with the Miami Marlins on Tuesday, the Toronto Blue Jays received reliever Adam Cimber and injured outfielder Corey Dickerson.

Joe Panik, a third baseman, and Andrew McInvale, a minor-league reliever, were acquired by Miami. The Marlins gave the Blue Jays cash as well.

Cimber, a right-handed pitcher with a sidewinding motion, was a target for the Blue Jays, who paid Dickerson’s remaining salary of $4.5 million to get him.

This is Cimber’s first season with the Marlins, and he is 1-2 with a 2.88 ERA in 341 innings. He’s struck out 21 hitters while walking only 11. In 185 outings, he has a 3.69 ERA in 17023 innings pitched.

He will be under the team’s management until 2023.

Cimber isn’t likely to miss many bats, although sidearm and submarine pitchers are notorious for doing so.

So far in 2021, he has a strikeout rate of 15.9%, which is around 9% lower than the league average, but his walk and ground ball rates are also above average (7.9 and 49.5, respectively).

He seldom gives up valuable contacts, according to Statcast. He’s in the 81st percentile among MLB pitchers when it comes to average exit speed, and he’s in the 96th percentile when it comes to pitching rate.

How Much Does Adam Cimber Make?

Adam Cimber makes $1,500,000  as a base  salary in 2022


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