As was to be expected, Akeem Omolade was born in Nigeria 39 years ago, and shortly thereafter, thanks to his abilities in football, he migrated to Italy and earned his wealth there.

Akeem Omolade is currently a football player for the Italian national team.

The highlight of his professional career was in 2003 when he made his first appearance in Serie A while wearing the shirt of Turin. His debut came in the highly-regarded match versus Inter.

When he was playing for Treviso in Serie B in 2001, he became the main character in an anti-racism event, which led to his being a symbol of the fight against racism.

This occurred two years earlier. When the supporters of the Venetian team found out about his purchase, they protested by removing all of the flags from the curve of the stadium.

Their decision was motivated by the fact that he had a dark complexion.

During the following match, he and all of his teammates, as well as the members of the coaching staff, appeared on the pitch with their faces covered with black paint.

A demonstration of solidarity was carried out not just in Italy, but all throughout the world.

How Many Children Does Akeem Omolade Have?

Akeem Omolade has one child who is a daughter but her name is not known.



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