Kenneth Tsang was a veteran Hong Kong actor born on September 2, 1935, in Shanghai. Tsang was famous for his roles in detective and classic Kung Ku flicks alongside Connie Chan.

He was discovered dead in a quarantine room at a hotel in Hong Kong on April 27, 2022, after returning from Singapore two days earlier. He passed away at the age of 86. The cause of his death is unknown.

Kenneth Tsang Wife Chiao Chiao
Kenneth Tsang Wife Chiao Chiao

Kenneth Tsang has been married three times in his life. Kenneth Tsang’s third wife was Chiao Chiao. They had been married for around 28 years when he died in 2022.

The third wife of Kenneth Tsang is a Chinese actress. She was born on March 6, 1943, in Hubei, China, and is now 79 years old.

Chiao Li-Na or Lisa Chiao Chiao, often known as Chiao Chiao, is a Taiwanese actress of Chinese origin. She is most recognized, though, for her work in Hong Kong movies. The Taiwanese actress is also known as Kenneth Tsang’s wife.

In 1994, Chiao Chiao married the Hong Kong actor. This happened years after her first husband, Huang Tsung-hsing, died in 1976. Tsang’s two children, including his daughter Musette Tsang Mo-suet, were raised by her.

Tsung-Hsing married Chiao Chiao, a Hong Kong actress, in 1963. However, he died on October 28, 1976, in Hong Kong, of unexplained circumstances.

Between 1966 and 1972, Chiao Chiao worked at Shaw Studios. She acted in many films, including A Cause to Kill, which was released in 1970.

She later returned to Taiwan, where she appeared on television. She subsequently participated in a number of Hong Kong films before making her final appearance in the 1998 film Bishōnen.


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