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Anthony Castro Salary: How Much Does Anthony Castro Make?

The major-league minimum salary for 2021 is $570,500, and teams are allowed to re-sign pre-arbitration players for that amount or another, but they usually have a structure in place to provide raises.

The Blue Jays’ compensation scale allows for increments of up to $25,000 based on a career playing time and another $15,000 based on lifetime active days on the roster (time on the Injured List counts toward service time but not in the wage scale), for a total of $40,000 in raises.

The Blue Jays awarded bonus credit in both categories to those qualified to compensate for the abbreviated 2020 season.

Players can express their dissatisfaction with the club’s offer by turning it down as Aaron Sanchez did in the spring of 2017.

The right-hander declined a tiny increase based on the Blue Jays’ previous structure and was instead re-signed for the major-league minimum.

Players who don’t reach an agreement under the current system are re-signed at a pay that is halfway between the big-league minimum and the Blue Jays’ scale compensation.

Under a scale that received acclaim from a few agents this spring, the Blue Jays haven’t had any extensions in the prior four years.

How Much Does Anthony Castro Make?

Anthony Castro made $570,500 as his salary in 2021. Minor league payroll for 2022 has not been released yet

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