On Tuesday, Fox News reported that a cameraman, Pierre Zakrzewski, was killed in the same attack in Ukraine that injured a correspondent, Benjamin Hall.

On Monday, Fox News reported on the incident and Hall’s injury, adding that the reporter “was hurt during newsgathering outside of Kyiv, Ukraine.”

Fox News anchor John Roberts said it was “terrible news to report” in a tweet on Tuesday.

“I’ve worked with Pierre on a number of occasions all across the world,” Roberts remarked. “He was a priceless gem.” We are sending our deepest condolences to Pierre’s wife and family.”

Suzanne Scott, the CEO of Fox News, said, “Pierre was assassinated near Horenka, Ukraine, just outside of Kyiv.” Yesterday, Pierre was newsgathering with Benjamin Hall when their car was hit by an incoming fire.

“During his long stint with Fox News, Pierre was a combat zone photographer who covered practically every worldwide story from Iraq to Afghanistan to Syria.

In her message, Scott stated, “His enthusiasm and talent as a journalist were unsurpassed.” “Pierre, who was based in London, has been working in Ukraine since February.”

His skills were diverse, and there was no function in the field that he didn’t step into to assist with from photographer to engineer to the editor to producer and he did it all under duress and with great skill.

He was adamant about telling the story, and his fearlessness, professionalism, and work ethic were well-known among journalists at all levels of the media.

Pierre was extremely well-liked and respected by everyone in the media who had covered a foreign story.”


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