Christopher David Leffler popularly known as Chris Leffler was an educator at the Calvary Day School. He passed away on Saturday, May 28, 2022, Leffler was 51 at the time of his death. Chris has previously worked in King’s Ridge Christain School and has also worked as a financial Service Consultant at Natch.

He finished his BA Degree from Washington University and Jefferson College. Leffler is currently being survived by his daughter Katie, who survived the crash and  now recovering.

Christopher David Leffler Obituary, Cause Of Death, Tribute, Funeral
Christopher David Leffler Obituary, Cause Of Death, Tribute, Funeral

Christopher David Leffler Cause of Death

Two boats crashed in the Wilmington River around 1.5 miles North of Thunderbolt Marina on Saturday. The impact killed the Savannah family and destroyed the property too. Among the victims, Christopher Leffler was identified.

Christopher died in a boat crash on Saturday, May,28,2022 after sustaining injuries from the crash. Unfortunately, he passed along with his wife Lori Lynn Leffler and their sons; Nathan who was an uprising senior in his school, and 23-year-old Zachary.

Police say that two boats traveling in the opposite direction collided. Five people were reported to have died in the crash with four being the Leffler family and a 37-year-old man who was riding the other boat. An arrest has been made as Christopher Stegall,45, was driving impaired and was the one believed to have caused the accident.

Christopher David Leffler Tribute

A tribute in a form of a letter was sent out to the Calvary Baptist as one of the members in the crash was identified as a Calvary Baptist Faculty member and Family.

The letter read ” We are saddened to report the death of our faculty member Mr. Chris Leffler and his wife Lori who passed away from injuries sustained in a boating accident today. They are survived by their daughter Kate. At this time precious son and rising senior Nate is missing along with his brother Zach keep the family in your prayers”.

Pastor Vincent of the Calvary Baptist Temple said ” A tragedy occurred Saturday to a member of the family. The  Leffler family sadly, tragically involved in a boat accident”.

Christopher David Leffler Funeral

Chris’s remembrance was held at the Calvary Baptist Temple on Sunday, May,29,2022 after police notified the church about the demise of one of their members. However, there is no scheduled date that has been made for his burial and funeral yet.

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