Does Lukashenko have a Wife?

Yes. Lukashenko is married to Galina Lukashenko. The couple have been married since 1975

Meet the wife of Alexander Lukashenko Galina Lukashenko

Galina Rodionovna Lukashenko is the current First Lady of Belarus and the wife of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

Galina has a strained relationship with Alexander, who has had at least one extramarital affair that resulted in the birth of a son, Nikolai.

Rodion Georgievich Zhelnerovich of Brest and Elena Fedorovna Zhelnerovich of Slutsk were her parents, and she was born on New Year’s Day in 1955.

She met Alexander Lukashenko in the town of Ryzhkovichi when she was still in high school, and they married in 1975 after she graduated from the Mogilev Pedagogical Institute (now Mogilev State University).

She was a kindergarten teacher at the time. She has been the head of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee for Population Improvement’s population department since January 1998.

Galina did not move to Minsk with her husband when he first became president, preferring to dwell on Zemlyanichnaya Street in Shklow, where she has remained ever since.

She apparently rarely sees her spouse and does not accompany him to public engagements. When Lukashenko was first elected, he went on a state visit to Israel, and the couple was photographed together.



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