Elena Rybakina is a Russian-born Kazakhstani professional tennis player. At a career-high of No. 12, she became the first Kazakhstani player to break into the WTA’s Top 15 rankings. With the performance of her current single, she holds the title of Kazakhstan’s top female player.

At the WTA 500 level, Rybakina has reached eight finals and won two championships. Only at the age of 17 did Rybakina begin to see substantial achievements in her junior career, which resulted in her career-high No. 3 junior ranking.

Elena Rybakina
Elena Rybakina

In 2017, she won a Grade-A championship at the Trofeo Bonfiglio after reaching the semifinals of two junior Grand Slams.

As recently as May 2018, Rybakina had only just climbed into the world’s top 200 for the first time. She didn’t have a personal coach as a junior before making the transfer, and she didn’t acquire a traveling coach until early in 2019.

Midway through2019, she achieved her first consistent success on the WTA Tour. This success was highlighted by her maiden WTA title, which she won at the Bucharest Open, as well as her debut in the top 100.

Elena Rybakina Siblings: Who is Elena Rybakina’s Sister Anna Rybakina?

Elena Rybakina has a younger sister named Anna Rybakina. Anna Rybakina is Elena’s only other older sibling and the eldest of her three older sisters.

Anna Rybakina is also a notable tennis player, exactly like Elena Rybakina. When they were little, the two sisters often competed against one another in various sporting events.


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