Esther Grace Pujols is known to be the daughter of José Alberto Pujols Alcantara who’s mostly referred to as Albert Pujols. Albert is known to have five including his daughter Esther Grace Pujols whom we will be talking much about. However, who is Albert Pujols?

José Alberto Pujols Alcantara is a professional baseball player who plays as first baseman as well as a designated hitter for the St Louis Cardinals of Major League Baseball. Albert Pujols was born on January 16, 1980, in Santo, Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Due to the stout performance of Albert Pujols, he was dubbed with a nickname as “The Machine” or “La Maquina” in the Spanish language. In his entire career, Albert Pujols has played for about three major league clubs namely the; Los Angeles Dodgers, The Los Angeles Angels, and the St Louis Cardinals of Major League Baseball.

Albert was known to have played his very first major career games amounting to 11 seasons for the Cardinals and the Los Angeles Angels for more than nine seasons and the Dodgers for about half a season. History has it that, Jose Alberto since the year 2020 has been the oldest active MLB player ever known.

Coming to his remarkable outlook as far as his baseball career is concerned, Pujols is said to have an impressive contact-hitting ability, with some level of patience and raw power. According to findings, Albert earned the National League Most Valuable Player in the years 2005, 2008, and 2009. It will interest you to know that Albert Pujols is among three others who have topped 2,200 RBIs in his career.

How old is Esther Grace Pujols?

Esther Grace Pujols is known to be the fifth daughter of baseball designated hitter Albert Pujols and his wife Deidre Pujols who was born in the year 2012 in September. Esther Grace is known to be 10 years old at the time. There are no more updates on her at the moment.


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