Farrah Forke was an American actress known for her role as Alex Lambert on the NBC sitcom Wings, and Mayson Drake on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

She also voiced the character Big Barda on the animated television series Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited.

Born on January 12, 1968, Farrah Forke sadly passed away on February 25, 2022.

She went to The Hockaday School, an all-young ladies non-public school in Dallas, and was a cohort of artist Lisa Loeb.

She spent one year at Cullen Junior High in Corpus Christi where she was a team promoter. She additionally spent a year at North Side Middle School while living in Elkhart, Indiana.

She entered acting with a job in a Texas creation of the melodic The Rocky Horror Show.

In the wake of moving to New York City and concentrating on acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute, she made her element debut in the 1991 film Brain Twisters (1991).

Farrah Forke Children: Meet Chuck Forke and Wit Forke

Farrah Forke’s love life has been a mystery as there are no details about her past relationships. But it has been discovered that Farrah Forke has two children.

Chuck Forke and Wit Forke are the children of Farrah Forke. Chuck Forke who happens to be Forke’s son was born on December 31, 2005. He is 16 years of age.

Wit Forke was also born on December 31, 2005. He is also 16 years old.


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