Gianni Clerici, 91, died today in his Bellagio home, leaving a void in the worlds of journalism, literature, and sports.

Over the course of more than a decade, Rino Tommasi has been the voice of the Italian tennis player in tens of thousands of interviews for media outlets such as Mediaset and Telecapodistria.

Gianni was born on July 24, 1930, in Como, Italy, into the Comancina family, which has been in the city for almost a century.

After qualifying for Wimbledon as the top male singles player, he faced Yugoslav Stefan Laslo in the first round and lost in straight sets.

As a result of health issues, he had to give up his position as Italy’s No. 5 player and instead complete a thesis on Roman religion.

When he started out as a journalist, he worked for The Gazzetta Dello Sport before moving on to The day from the publication’s inception, and then to The Republic.

The release in 1974 of “500 Years of Tennis” (Mondadori), a bible of the game, translated into French, English, German, Spanish, and Japanese, and remains today the tennis book. best-selling in the world made him a household name in tennis circles throughout the world.

First non-Anglophone journalist in history and second Italian ever after Nicola Pietrangeli, he was enshrined in “The International Tennis Hall of Fame” in 2006. (awarded in 1986).

It’s hard to forget his books “Il grande tennis,” “Divina,” and “Wimbledon,” which chronicle the history of tennis in Italy through the lens of the Davis Cup, and the biography of Suzanne Lenglen, “Wimbledon,” which is a collection of all her articles published during the championships.

Is Gianni Clerici Married?

He was married but kept his marital life private, therefore his wife’s identity is unknown at the time of writing.


Gianni Clerici was a reclusive individual who kept his personal life and those of his family hidden from the public eye.

Who Is Gianni Clerici Wife?

Gianni Clerici’s wife’s name and any related information are not known.




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