Justine Bieber is one of the famous musician in the world. He is of Canadian descent.

How Justine Bieber met Halley Badwin is so amazing. Justine Bieber had his fair share of relationships with celebrities. However, Halley was lucky has captured the heart of Justine Bieber.

They started dating in 2015 and got married in 2018. The early stages of their marriage was coupled with trust issues. But now, they are picking up little bu little.


About Halley Badwin

Halley Badwin is from a prestigious home in the United States. She is related to the famous Hollywood actor ‘Stephen Badwin’.

She is of Brazilian and Portuguese descent on her mother’s side, and has Scottish, Irish, and German descent from her father.

She built her own fame as well. Though she was coming from a rich home, she had to build her reputation all by herself.

Her father and uncle being involved in the entertainment industry even informed her choice. She was motivated by them to join the entertainment industry.


She discovered her talent and passion in the entertainment industry. Since the entertainment industry contained acting, singing, modelling, etc, she decided to choose modelling.

This was because modelling was in line with her passion. She started modelling with New York modelling agency in 2014.

She gained experience in the field of modelling at Ford Modelling agency. This paved way for progress in the modelling industry.

She continued in 2017 where she did walking runaway for Topshop. She took shoots as well for Vogue.

Due to this, she gained her first big co-host gig in the celebrity – themed rap battle show “Drop the mic”.

Badwin has made significant and tremendous contributions in the entertainment industry.  She is known to be one of the spectacular and famous model In the United States.

Her association with Justine Bieber was meant to be. They have supported each other in the entertainment industry.



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