Joe Maddon, the Coach of the Los Angeles Angels has two Children from his previous marriage to Betty Louise Maddon. They are Sarah Maddon and Joey Maddon

Who Are Joe Maddon’s Children?

Sarah Maddon:

Sarah Maddon was born in 1983 (age 39 years) is married to Theo Bystry and the pair has two children. ‘Tre’ was born in 2011; ‘Carson’ was born in January 2014′.

While living in Arizona with their two children, Sarah and her husband are happy.
Sarah Maddon is a qualified personal trainer. She has opened her own fitness training facility because of her love for exercise and fitness. Because of her training coach, she was able to find enormous motivation. As a result of this motivation, she established FitLab Personal Training as the name of her fitness training facility. Sarah received her ph.d. by enrolling at the University of Phoenix, where she majored in Business Management.

Joey Maddon:

Joseph Maddon was born in 1986 and is the only son of Los Angeles Angels Manager Joe Maddon. He is the second of Joe Maddon’s two children. He lives near his mother and elder sister in Mesa, Arizona. He is the husband of Natalie Maddon. Coral and Giuseppe, the two lovely girls, are their children.


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