The Seattle Mariners have honored two players alongside Jackie Robinson by retiring their jersey numbers, which are commemorated on the T-Mobile Park façade above center field.

Number 11 Edgar Martinez

During the 2017 season, the number 11 of Edgar Martnez was retired in a ceremony held on August 12th.  Martnez spent his entire major-league career with the Seattle Mariners, and he made his Hall of Fame debut in 2010. Removing his number 11 off the roster in 2017 made it appear as though the club’s bylaws were satisfied with his 58% of vote in 2017, which occurred before his 2019 induction to the Hall of Fame.

Since Martnez’s retirement as a player in 2004 and his return to the Mariners as hitting coach in 2015, the number 11 had not been assigned to anybody else. The Mariners were the home of Edgar Martinez’s 18-year Major League career, which ended in 2004. In the end, his career batting average was.312, his on-base percentage was.418, and his slugging percentage was.515. 933

Number 24 Ken Griffey Jr.

On August 6, 2016, after being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in January, Ken Griffey Jr.’s number 24 was retired in honor of him. Junior played in 13 All-Star Games, won four American League pennants, seven Silver Slugger awards, and ten Gold Glove awards during his major league career. He was named the league MVP in 1997.

Number 42 Jackie Robinson

On April 15, 1997, Jackie Robinson’s number 42 was retired by Major League Baseball.


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