How Much do Refs Get Paid for Super Bowl? We will analyze how much refs are paid for working on the super bowl appears to have done the most recent information on Super Bowl referee compensation in 2018. They predict that officials may receive up to $40,000 for working the Super Bowl, a figure that may have risen significantly in the three years since that report.

The other method used by is to compare referee bonuses to player bonuses. They estimate that referees will receive between $30,000 and $50,000 to work the Super Bowl, based on previous data. That’s not a bad side gig, considering that officiating in the NFL isn’t a full-time job.

Referees and officials in the NFL do not do full-time jobs; instead, they have a weekly side hustle.

According to, an NFL official’s average wage increased to almost $201,000 in 2019, up marginally from the previous year. The NFL also provides officials with a defined-401(k) plan with an annual deposit of $18,000 and partial match from the league.

How Much Do Refs Get Paid For Super Bowl In The United States

Super Bowl referee salaries in the United States of America range from $25,486 to $668,979, with a median wage of $122,079. Super Bowl referees make between $122,083 and $304,034, with the top 86 percent earning $668,979.


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