How old is Bappi Lahiri Grandson? Meet Swastik Bansal the Grandson of Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri was an Indian singer who was born on 27 November 1952 in Jalpaiguri, India. Widely known as the “disco King”, Bappi began to play the tabla at the age of 3. He was trained by his parents who were both Bengali singers and musicians in classical music and Shyama Sangeet.

Apart from him being tagged as a disco King, he was also known for his style that consisted of gold chains, golden embellishments, velvety cardigans and sunglasses.

He was married to Chitrani Lahiri in 1977. The couple got married when they were both quite young. According to Bappi during a chatshow, he made it known that he married when he was 23years and his wife was 18. Sadly Bappi died on 15th February 2022 leaving behind his wife and two children.

How old is Bappi Lahiri, Grandson

Swastik Bansal is the known Grandson of Bappi Lahiri. Swastik Bansal who goes by the nickname Rego was born in 2010, thus, he is 12years old.

Meet Swastik Bansal the Grandson of Bappi Lahiri

Swastik is carrying the musical legacy of his grandfather, Bappi Lahiri. He looks like a replica of Bappi Lahiri’s maternal grandfather and he also seems to have picked the style of Bappi Lahiri. He loves to adorn himself in gold.

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