Zac Taylor is married to Sarah Sherman, the daughter of former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike Sherman, and the couple has four children. Kathryn, his sister, is a Special Olympics swimmer.

Born March 7, 1993, Long Island, New York, United States. Sarah Sherman, also known as Sarah Squirm, is an actor, comedian, and screenwriter from the United States.

Her bizarre and body horror-comedy is well-known. Sherman earned a theatrical degree from Northwestern University in 2015 after graduating from Great Neck South High School. She was born and raised on Long Island.

Sarah Sherman was cast as a major player on Saturday Night Live for its 47th season in 2021, alongside other newcomers James Austin Johnson and Aristotle Athari. She is of Jewish ancestry.

Sarah explains, “I was taught my whole life that women are either sexualized or vulgarized.” “I’m talking about my own body politics, so by torturing myself, I’m embracing that humiliation, guilt, misery, and embarrassment.

” If you think my pubes are disgusting, I’ll produce a movie of the growing and strangling me.” Sarah did a monthly show called “Helltrap Nightmare” while working as a comic in Chicago. She had some very Jewish inspiration for one Helltrap Nightmare show she did.

Sarah Sherman was named “the best stand-up comedian” by the Chicago Reader in 2016. Sarah had the honor of opening for Jewish comedian Eric Andre on his Legalize Everything tour in 2019.


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