Is Dave Grohl Deaf?

Yes, Dave Grohl has a hearing problem.

It’s been some time since Grohl was examined by a professional for his hearing problems, but he believes he already knows what the diagnosis would be: hearing loss and tinnitus.

Tinnitus seems to be worse in his left ear, according to him.

Why is Dave Grohl Considered the Best Drummer?

To describe Grohl’s style of drumming, we’d use words like assertive, aggressive, and bold. Powerful hits and powerful strokes drive the sound of the heavy-metal-laden bands that he has played in.

But he isn’t lacking in dynamics because he is so brash. He creates tension through the use of silence, accents, breaks, and syncopation.

Not to flaunt his abilities, but rather to give the music more substance or impact in its overall arrangement and structure.

His trademark snare power-hits sliced right through the mix when he drummed with Queens of the Stone Age.

In the entrance and outro of No One Knows (QOTSA), you can hear how the entire band grabs on to staccato-styled drumming and locks with him.

His intro from Nirvana’s Breed is as remarkable, and the band would frequently use the song to open their live shows.

Many of Dave Grohl’s songs are based on the drums because he began out as a drummer.

The majority of songwriters play a melodic/harmonic instrument, which results in compositions centered on melody, chord changes, or rhythmic/melodic patterns.

Grohl employs haunting and repetitive drum themes as well as distinctive fills in between these motifs.

Even though he now sings and plays the guitar, this ‘drum-oriented’ piece could simply be the result of his subconscious familiarity with the instrument seeping into his creative process.

One of Foo Fighter’s most well-known songs, Everlong, is a fantastic example of this technique. Despite the fact that Taylor Hawkins is playing the drums in the video, Dave Grohl recorded the studio drum track.



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