One of the 22 victims killed on Tuesday at Robb Elementary School was Eva Mireles, 44. Nineteen children and three adults were killed in the disaster. With Mireles and Salvador Ramos, 18, who was killed by police, and a third adult who has not been identified.

Eva Mireles husband, Ruben Ruiz
Eva Mireles husband, Ruben Ruiz

The shooter, Salvador Ramos, 18, opened fire on the school on Tuesday afternoon before being fatally shot by a CBP officer.

On March 22, Ruiz gave an active shooter lecture in the cafeteria of Uvalde High School, according to photos posted to the department’s Facebook page.

Several pupils may be seen lying on the floor in pretend death in a school hallway in a photograph that bears a striking resemblance to the devastation at the elementary school.

A man armed with a fake knife looks to be ready to strike a woman in the auditorium in other photos of the rehearsal.

Is Eva Mireles Married?

Yes, the late Eva Mireles was a happily married teacher.

Who Is Eva Mireles Husband?

The late Eva Mireles was married to Ruben Ruiz. Eva’s husband Ruben Ruiz is a police officer at Uvalde School District. On March 22, two months before his wife was murdered, Ruben organized a practice for active shooter situations at Uvalde High School.


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