It was in the theatre that Juan Diego’s professional career began when he made his debut in 1957. A variety of Spanish television programs as well as various Estudio 1 theatrical plays helped him acquire popularity in his early years.

He has now gone on to become a well-known actor. At the time, he was involved in trade unions and anti-Franco organizations.

A crucial stride forward in his cinematic career occurred when he was cast in the film adaptation of The Holy Innocents, which was directed by Mario Camus in 1984 and was an important turning point for him.


Juan Diego Ruiz Moreno


79-year-old actor Juan Diego Ruiz Moreno, well known by his stage name Juan Diego, died on Thursday, according to family members who spoke to EL PAS.

It’s no secret that he’s been battling a variety of ailments in recent years, having acted in such films as Los Santos Inocentes and El séptimo da, Dragon Rapide, Paris-Timbuktu and You’re the One.

Is Juan Diego Ruiz Moreno Married?

Juan Diego is the father of one child, who is a boy. However, despite the fact that his father, Juan Diego, is a well-known Spanish actor, his mother has never been seen in public. There is some evidence to suggest that Juan Diego may have a wife, although nothing is known about her.

Who Is Juan Diego Ruiz Moreno’s Wife?

Because Juan Diego had chosen to keep his marital status a secret, there is little information available concerning his son’s mother.

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