Is Liza Minnelli Dead?

Liza Minnelli is alive.

What is wrong with Liza Minnelli?

In the year 2000, she developed double pneumonia and then battled viral encephalitis for several months.

Minnelli has experienced a number of health problems during her life, all of which are likely to have contributed to her needing to use a wheelchair to get around.

She was taken to the Cleveland Clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida after she looked to have suffered a stroke. Minnelli was eventually released after a week but was readmitted three days later.

According to the NHS, encephalitis symptoms might start with flu-like symptoms including a high temperature and a headache, but more serious symptoms can develop over the next few hours, days, or weeks.

“After I was told that, everybody left the room and I turned my face to the wall and started to go, “A, B, C”.

“That’s exactly how I felt because I had a rehearsal at Carnegie Hall. I long to be alive. Living is something I have always wanted to do. “

Minnelli was expected to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair following the illness, but she recovered sufficiently to appear in her solo play Liza’s Back in New York and London in 2002, as well as guest feature in the sitcom Arrested Development between 2003 and 2013 despite the odds.


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