Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye is a television series that originated in 2002 on the PAX Network and was produced in both Canada and the United States.

The decision of PAX to cease production of original content brought about the cancellation of the show in May of 2005. It was one of the two shows on the network that received the greatest ratings.

Dave Alan Johnson and Gary R. Johnson, both of Pebblehut Productions, are responsible for the creation of the series.

In addition to that, they developed the game PAX with the help of Billy Ray Cyrus starring in Doc.

Sue Thomas FB Eye

Both Yuri Yakubiw and Bill Layton were responsible for the cinematography and art direction respectively.

Despite having its setting in Washington, District of Columbia, all of the episodes were filmed in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and more than half of the cast and production crew were from Canada.

Is Sue Thomas FB Eye a True Story?

The answer is YES. Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye is based on the real-life experiences of Sue Thomas, a deaf woman whose ability in lip-reading got her a job with an elite surveillance squad at the FBI.

Deanne Bray, who plays the severely deaf lead role in this dramatic coming-of-age drama, is an actress who, like Sue Thomas, was aggressively encouraged by her parents to speak and read lips when she was a child.


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