James Caan, one of the greatest American actors of his generation, died suddenly at the age of 82. A statement from his family said that the actor passed away on July 6 for an undisclosed reason.

He has 18 television acting credits and 92 film acting credits. His portrayal of Sonny Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather” trilogy is without a doubt his most well-known performance.

Despite having other fantastic roles in movies like 1990’s “Misery,” “Dick Tracy,” or 2003’s “Elf,” he was Vitto Corleone’s brother and Michael Corleone’s son. This role defined his entire career.

For his work in a supporting role, he received nominations for both the Academy Award and the Golden Globe. James’ family announced the news via his official Twitter account.

James Caan passed away without a known cause of death, although considering his advanced age—82—natural causes are completely plausible. We won’t be able to provide an official reason, though, until something is declared.

Caan did lead a quite adventurous and convoluted life over the years, particularly in the 1980s. One of the worst things he had to go through was losing his sister in 1981, but performing ultimately saved his life.

The message from his family reads as follows: “We are sorry to inform you that Jimmy passed away on July 6 in the evening. The family appreciates the love and sincere sympathies that have been shown, and they kindly ask that you continue to respect their privacy during this trying time.”

James Caan’s battle with depression was brought on by the early 1980s death of his sister; the two were very close. In truth, Caan experienced many bad experiences throughout that decade, including a battle with cocaine addiction that lasted for close to 4 years.

But it was renowned producer Rob Reiner who saved him by giving him the part of Paul Sheldon in “Misery.” His portrayal of Sonny will live on in people’s memory forever, especially with the classic death scene from “The Godfather” flicks and the renowned “Badabing!” remark.


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