Jane Garrett, the full name Jane Furneaux Garrett was known to be an Australian politician. She was a member of the Labor Party for Brunswick in the Victorian Legislative Assembly. She was born on March 16, 1973, in the city of Melbourne in Australia.

Jane Garrett was also a candidate on the Left ticket for the position of ALP National President. She was elected to the position of National junior Vice President and began her term in December 2011. Before the 2014 state election, Garrett served as shadow cabinet secretary.

When she finally won the election in 2014, she was appointed as Minister for Emergency Services and Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming & Liquor Regulation in the newly-elected Andrews Labor government.


Jane Garrett
Jane Garrett

There was a dispute between the Country Fire Authority (CFA), the United Firefighters Union, and the Victorian government over an enterprise bargaining agreement which caused Jane to resign from the Andrews Ministry in June 2016.

What Happened to Jane Garrett?

Jane Garrett died on Saturday, July 2nd 2022 of cancer. In November 2016, she posted on her Facebook page that she had cancer and had to undergo breast cancer surgery and because of that, she will be taking a four-month leave of absence from her position as a member of parliament.


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