Age: 21 yr
Height: 6-1
Weight: 191 lbs
Hits/Throws: L/L
Acquired: 2016 IFA, SD
RuleV: Eligible

Physical Description

A slender upper body and lengthy legs characterize the average build. High waisted, buttocks that are notably thick, and thighs that are muscular.

Up top, there’s room for more weight. A natural athlete who makes it appear as if everything comes naturally to him.


A wide foundation and a moderately hunched stance. Hands are raised, and the bat bobs up and down on the shoulder.

The torso begins with a small coil. There will be no stride, but there will be a tiny movement back before the front foot is repositioned for launch.

Before the swing, there are only a few moving parts; it’s simple and still. Pitchers flock to him because he is patient and has a strong sense of the zone.

The swing plane appears to be level. Lifts the ball down, but is more susceptible to LD and grounders. 55 points


On the basepaths, he’s aggressive and will try to take the extra base if the opportunity arises — he can stretch a single into a double. Glides in the outfield and at the bases. Weapon on the basepaths, clocking a 4.13 H-1. 55 points


It wasn’t a particularly forceful swing. Rather than hitting home runs, than to make solid contact. Because of the lack of loft, gap power is more powerful than HR power.

Has enough legs to extend out some extra bases. If the swing is optimized for loft, there’s enough raw to move up a half grade. 40 points


Off the bat, he tracks the ball well. Takes solid routes and moves quickly. It appears to be straightforward. The range is superior to the norm.

A solid glove that produces solid but not spectacular plays. Has the appearance of a solid defender. 55 points


Prospect for CF in the mold of a regular player. Plus defender with quickness and a strong arm, as well as contact and plate abilities.

Due to the approach and swing plane, there isn’t much power to speak about, but a tweak could add a few home runs.

With a defensive replacement/pinch-runner on the floor, there’s a good chance he’ll make the MLB team.




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