Jeter Downs Scouting Report and Prospect Ranking

Jeter Down is ranked No. 5 on the prospect ranking list in 2021

Hit        Raw Power     Power   Field      Arm     Speed   FV
45/55     50/50           40/50    50/50    55/55    50/50   50


Downs isn’t a particularly quick person. It is, in reality, quite ordinary. Because he has a good baseball IQ, his speed is enhanced.

He’s stolen 69 bases in 92 attempts in his career, which sounds impressive, but he’s unlikely to continue to steal 20+ bases per year.

He’ll never be a burner, but he’ll be a reliable base runner who can swipe bags if the opportunity arises.


Jeter Downs was drafted as an SS and has spent most of his time there, but he has also played second base and third base.

Downs can play a serviceable shortstop with his quick first step, good hands, strong instincts, and arm strength.

His future address, though, is most likely 2B. His range is limited outside of Boston’s Xander Bogaerts-sized wall.

His work ethic and intuition could lead to some UTIL time, but he’ll be a solid everyday second baseman for Boston in the near future.


Jeter Downs starts with his hands higher up by his ears, keeps his hands inside early, and extends effectively through contact.

His swing is fluid and efficient, with strong bat speed, and he routinely works deep into counts. His bat path is steep, which results in occasional swing and miss, particularly with inside high fastballs.

The K rate and his pull inclination are his two main problems with his hit tool. Some fear that his hit tool may fall somewhere between average and mediocre as a result of these factors.


Jeter Downs, who stands at 5’11 and has a lean build, uses his quick hands, solid barrel control, and steep bat path to generate more power than one might expect.

His fly ball rate is consistently above 50% at every level, indicating that he hits the ball hard and in the air frequently.

With 24 home runs and a.526 SLG in 2019, he showed off his power. As previously stated, the pull side is responsible for the majority of the hits, with only one oppo taco prior to 2019.

In 2019, he began to demonstrate the ability to hit with more power to all parts of the field, and by the end of the season, he had hit six home runs to the opposite field.


Downs’ voyage to Boston has been dramatic, but Fenway Park may be one of his best ballparks. Downs will be Downs’ new best friend thanks to his pull-heavy attitude.

He doesn’t have a standout tool, but he has a well-rounded profile that includes talents on both sides of the ball.

He has demonstrated a level of work ethic and intelligence that coaches aspire to, indicating that he will likely continue to improve.

He can develop into an average everyday starter with the potential to be an all-star second baseman as his hitting tool improves.


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