Jodie Marsh EX Husbands: James Placido and Matt Peacock

Jodie Marsh EX Husbands

Jodie Marsh is a British model who shot to fame mainly for her work in the adult modeling industry.

Marsh is known for being completely honest when discussing her interaction with the media. She has a seductive physical figure that would appeal to any man.

In addition, the media is consistently interested in her Relationship, as well as the Scandals and Affairs that surround her.  

Jodie has already been through two marriages that have both ended in divorce.

Jodie Marsh EX Husbands: James Placido and Matt Peacock

In an intimate ceremony in August 2015, the bodybuilder and former Celebrity Big Brother participant married  James Placido, referring to him as “the love of my life” on Instagram.

Before meeting James, she was infamous for being celibate for four years, but she admitted to giving it up because “he was worth the wait” in an interview with OK! Magazine.

Their union was annulled eight months later.

The fitness enthusiast has had a challenging year as her marriage to James Placido ended abruptly after only eight months of marriage.

She once called her brief marriage “a nightmare”, but she still wants kids even if she isn’t dating anyone.

Matt Peacock

Matt Peacock was Marsh’s first husband. Peacock was born in the year 1982 in the city of Manchester, which is located in England.

He is most recognized for his work on the television show Totally Jodie Marsh: Who’ll Take Her Up the Aisle? and Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow.

Matt Peacock married Jodie Marsh on September 1st, 2007, in a nightclub in Brentwood, Essex; however, a second ceremony was held the following day in her parent’s garden.

Their wedding was featured in the final episode of the reality television series Totally Jodie Marsh: Who Will Walk Her Down the Aisle? The following year, they separated and divorced.

After the couple’s relationship ended the following year, Matt claimed that Marsh had only liked him because of his affair in 2002 with Katie Price, who was at the time her greatest rival.

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