Age: 24 yr
Height: 6-3
Weight: 225 lbs
Hits/Throws: R/R
Acquired: 2018 Round 13
RuleV: 2021


Physical Description

Stands at 6-3, 225 pounds. Right-handed righty with a thick bottom half and a big, robust frame. There’s no longer any tangible projection.

Delivery & Mechanics

Slot for a vertical arm. Shorter stride length and a little tightness in delivery. At release, he cuts himself off and doesn’t go over his front hip. Despite his subpar athleticism, he repeats very well and has a fairly loose arm stroke.


When he works at the top of the strike zone, he may hit 90-92 MPH with some backspinning action. When he goes glove-side, he gets a little more of a cutter appearance. Ratings:45


The curveball in the low-80s with little depth or bite.Ratings:40


There appear to be two unique breaking balls. The slider from the 1980s has a bit more horizontal length than the curveball, but it also has two-plane motion. Ratings:50


MPH: 82-84 Usually has average movement, but can produce above-average depth on rare occasions. Ratings:50

Control and Command

With the fastball, he usually works in and around the zone. I’m not as good at finding offspeed items as I used to be.

His ability to work east-west and command the ball glove-side is hampered by his high arm slot and poor ability to clear his front hip. Ratings:Control: 50 | Command: 45


Heasley appears to be a long reliever and/or a depth component in the rotation. Although his athletic limitations and high arm slot prevent him from commanding all four quadrants of the strike zone, he has a repertoire of fringe-average pitches and is an OK strike-thrower.

He has the frame of an inning-eater, works swiftly, and isn’t hesitant to throw the fastball in the strike zone, which might allow him to consume some low-leverage innings.




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