Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver currently competing in Formula One for Mercedes. On the subject of becoming one of Formula One’s youngest drivers in 2002, Hamilton said his goal was “not to be the youngest in Formula One” but rather “to become experienced and then demonstrate what I can do in Formula One.”.

In 2004, he made his Formula 3 Euro Series debut with Manor, finishing fifth in the championship. The Bahrain F3 Superprix was his best finish, and he competed in Macau twice, winning both races.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Because BMW, Williams’ engine provider at the time, would not pay Hamilton, the team came very near to signing him. Hamilton returned to McLaren in the end.

At the end of the season, Whitmarsh and Hamilton’s father, Anthony, had a “huge row,” Whitmarsh said. Lewis’s dad was pushing for him to move up to GP2 for 2005, while Whitmarsh felt that he should remain in F3 for another season. Whitmarsh tore up Lewis’ contract; however, Lewis called Whitmarsh and re-signed with the team six weeks later.

Lewis Hamilton Nelson Piquet: What Did Nelson Piquet Say to Lewis Hamilton?

In an interview with Lewis Hamilton in 2021, Nelson Piquet uttered another racist epithet and what appeared to be gay language.

This week, a Brazilian podcast interview with Piquet from last year surfaced in which he used a racially inappropriate term when referring to Hamilton twice.

However, new video evidence has surfaced showing Piquet making even more derogatory remarks towards Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton.


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