Mandira Bedi who was born on April 15 1979 is an Indian movie star and fashion designer who is the daughter of Verinder Singh and Gita Bedi. Bedi was born in Kolkata, India.

Her acting career highlights the fact that she has appeared in films such as “Aurat,” “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi,” and others, in addition to the parts stated above.

Mandira was born to Verinda Singh and Gita Bedi when she was a small child. She was born in the city of Kolkata. Cathedral and John Connon collaborated to create Mandira. She attended St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai and graduated with honors. She also completed her post-graduate studies at Mumbai’s Sophia Polytechnic.

Apart from the role as a movie star, when we come to her fashion aspect of life she has been a great influence as well. Bedi has been a promoter of one Faux leather for PETA. She was able to launch her signature sari store in the year 2013.

Mandira Bedi and Family
Mandira Bedi and Family

Meet Verinder Singh Bedi and Gita Bedi Mandira’s Parents.

Mandira’s parents are Singh Bedi and Gita Bedi Mandira. Mandira’s parents have been a tremendous influence and support to their daughter’s elevation and success. She has a good relationship with them. She expressed her appreciation for how her family has been of great support for her. “Only love. Grateful for my family and all the love, support, and kindness.”


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