After Brian Pillman, also known as the Loose Cannon, passed away in 1997 at the age of 35, Melanie Pillman became the widow of Brian Pillman.

She was a well-known face on the Twitch channel that her son Brian Jr. maintained. There, she fielded inquiries about the life and career of her late husband and cheered on her son’s professional endeavors.

Melanie Pillman
Melanie Pillman

Melanie and her son Brian Jr. participated in the documentary series Dark Side of the Ring. In the film, Melanie revealed that she had become addicted to narcotics and that she had spent all of the family’s money.

The documentary demonstrated that her decisions in life became a source of tension for her son, Brian Jr., who desired to carry on his father’s wrestling career in the same vein as his father.

At the time of her passing, the two of them were reportedly working on mending their relationship, as stated in a post that was published on Brian Jr.’s Instagram account.

Melanie Pillman Cause of Death

Although it has not yet been determined what caused her death, Brian Jr. confirmed her passing on Instagram and wrote, that her death, while unexpected, was not surprising.

This statement was made despite the fact that the official cause of her passing has not yet been disclosed.


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