Nelson Piquet is known to be a former car racer. In Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro State, he was born on August 17, 1952. Piquet had a brief tennis career before he switched to karting and concealed his identity to keep his father from finding out about his hobby.

He won the Formula Vee championship in 1976 after becoming the country’s national karting champion in Brazil from 1971–1972. By breaking Jackie Stewart’s record for the most victories in Formula Three in 1978, Piquet travelled to Europe on the recommendation of Emerson Fittipaldi and went on to further success.

He debuted in Formula One that year with the Ensign team and also raced for McLaren and Brabham. Piquet joined the Brabham squad in 1979 and finished second in 1980 before taking the title in 1981. Due to serious engine unreliability in 1982, Piquet struggled, but he recovered in 1983 to win his second world title.


Nelson Piquet
Nelson Piquet

Piquet missed out on another opportunity to win the title in 1984–1985 but still managed to record three victories during that time. He joined the Williams squad in 1986 and competed for the championship up until the last race in Australia. Piquet won his third and last championship in 1987 after a competitive race with teammate Nigel Mansell that soured their bond.

Who is Nelson Piquet’s Wife Viviane de Souza Leão?

Nelson Piquet’s Wife is called Viviane de Souza Leão. Apart from being known as the wife of Nelson, there is nothing else known about her.


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