Nicole Tuck’s younger brother was Jonathan Tuck. Nicole is a successful American entrepreneur and DJ Khaled’s wife.

Jonathan Tuck was shot on February 4, 2018, in a Belmont apartment. Tuck, only 25 years old, was shot dead in the back of the head after a fight broke out after a rumored marijuana sale.

The murder was carried out by five people. Richard Jimenez accidentally fired the gun at Jonathan Tuck.

Furthermore, Luis Semiday is allegedly the murder’s mastermind. Jimenez squeezed the gun while Kevin Cruz, Ira Lawson, and Curtis Hines were all there.

The four also stole $100 from Tuck before fleeing the flat, leaving him to die.

Tuck’s friend Davis claimed that Tuck had no justification for being where he was slain. He added that Tuck was a decent man and that they had been friends for seven years.

Jonathan Tuck was also shot at around 9:15 p.m., and St. Barnabas Hospital declared him dead. On Monday, Jonathan’s fiancée informed his friends and family of the news.

Tuck had a daughter who was two years old when he passed away. However, neither the daughter’s name nor the mother’s name is made public to the media. In 2022, Tuck’s daughter will turn six.


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