Oksana Shvets Cause of Death: How did Oksana Shvets Die?

Oksana Shvets

Ukrainian actress Oksana Shvets was born on February 10, 1955. In 1975 she moved on from the theater studio at the Ivan Franko Theater.

In 1986, the future entertainer moved on from the theater branch of the Kyiv State Institute of Theater Arts named after I.K. Karpenko-Kary.

Subsequent to contemplating, she worked at the Ternopil Music and Drama Theater and at the Kyiv Theater of Satire.

Shvets worked in the early long periods of the development of the Young Theater.

Her first exhibition was “In the spring I will get back to you” coordinated by Alexander Zabolotny. It was the principal execution at the Kyiv Youth Theater.

The actress further played in the performances “Considered Love”, “Cyrano de Bergerac”, “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign”, “Reportage”, “Little Football Team”, “Marat-Sad”, “Pursuing Two Hares” and “The Dictatorship of Conscience”.

The last notable work of Shvets was in the play directed by Andrey Belous “Charmed”. The actress played in the films “Tomorrow Will Be Tomorrow”, “The Secret of St. Patrick”, “House with Lilies” and “The Return of Mukhtar”.

Oksana Shvets Cause of Death: How did Oksana Shvets Die?

Oksana Shvets, a famed film and theater performer, was killed in a Russian rocket attack on a residential building in Kyiv.


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