Patrick Doherty is most popular for winning Celebrity Big Brother 8. He happens to be an Irish Traveller who also used to be a bare-knuckle boxer. Patrick was born on February 6, 1959, in Manchester in the United Kingdom.

Patrick grew up in Manchester where he was born. His parents are also Irish Travellers and as a child, Patrick moved around various sites in and around Birmingham. He lived with his grandparents as his parents were not married so to avoid shame, his grandparents decided to raise him.


Paddy Doherty Children
Paddy Doherty Children

During the Celebrity Big Brother 8 that was held on August 18, 2011, Patrick was the third person to enter the celebrity House. At the end of the show, he won the series by beating Kerry Katona at the final stage.

Patrick made it known when he appeared on The Late Late Show in September 2011 that his victory on the celebrity Big Brother show was unexpected. He spoke about his experience and personal life and the loss of his son, Patrick.

Paddy Doherty Children: Meet Patrick Simon Doherty, Elizabeth Doherty, David Doherty, Mary Bridget Doherty, Miley Doherty, Helen Doherty

Paddy Doherty has six children. They are Patrick Simon Doherty, who passed away in 1996 following an illness, Elizabeth Doherty, David Doherty, Mary Bridget Doherty, Miley Doherty, and Helen Doherty.

Paddy’s children keep a low profile so there is little to nothing known about them.


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