Rosmarie Trapp Children: Who Are Rosmarie Trapp Children?

Rosmarie Trapp

Rosmarie Trapp, full name Rosmarie von Trapp was born in February 1929 and had a peaceful death at the age of 93 on Friday, May 13 2022 at The Manor in Morris Ville. Rosmarie’s family was known for being singers as they were called the Trapp Family Singers.

Rosmarie was the daughter of Georg Ludwig Ritter von Trapp, who was an officer in the Austro-Hungarian Navy and later became the patriarch of the Trapp Family Singers and Maria von Trapp, who also wrote The Story of the Trapp Family Singers.

Rosmarie was the oldest child of his parents. She had two younger siblings although her father, Georg had seven children from his previous marriage to his first wife Agathe. The Trapp family’s story was told in a movie that was titled “The Sound of Music.”


The Trapp Family Singers
The Trapp Family Singers

The Trapp family happened to be singers in Austria before they moved to the USA to escape the Nazi occupation. They continued singing even in America and Rosemarie’s mother, Maria von Trapp wrote a memoir about her family’s escape from Austria and their singing fame. The memoir was the basis for the Broadway musical and the 1965 musical film “The Sound of Music,” which featured Julie Andrews.

Who Are Rosmarie Trapp’s Children?

Rosmarie Trapp did not have any children but had a niece and nephew.

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