Salvador whose career began in the year 2007 was born in Valencia Carabobo, Venezuela. In his early life, he did not enjoy a fatherly kind of life, thus his dad neglected him and left him to his mom Yilda Diaz.

Salvador Pérez is a professional baseball catcher for the Kansas City Royals. His full name is Salvador Jonah Pérez Diaz.

With 48 catches, he beats out John Bench for the single-season record most home runs. Perez was not raised by a father; according to sources, he was ignored by his father when he was a child. Yilda Diaz was the only person who reared and cared for him.

When Perez joined one of Valencia’s baseball academies, he began to show flashes of baseball ability. He began his career as a pitcher. The zeal grew wilder around the age of eight, and it was obvious enough.

On August 10, 2011, he made his major league debut with the Kansas City Royals. In his first game, he faced the Tampa Bay Rays.

Meet Yilda Diaz Salvador Pérez’s Mother.

Yilda Diaz is Salvador’s mother. When he was abandoned by the dad he became the sole responsibility of the mom. Yilda was a trader who sold homemade cakes, lasagna, flan, and so on.

She sent Pérez to school when he was at the age of six. There, he developed the interest and the ability to throw catch, and hit. Yilda is not wholly captured on the net with much information but what we know is she has been a great support to her son from an early age till now.


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