Tandra Bowser-Williams was a Corrections officer at the New York City Department who worked on Rikers Island. Williams reportedly passed away on May 14 after she had flown to the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery.

According to her husband, she had promised him he would “love” the outcome of the surgery before quickly rushing to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic for the surgery.

Tandra Bowser-Williams Biography; Real Age, Husband, Children, Net Worth, Cause Of Death
Tandra Bowser-Williams Biography; Real Age, Husband, Children, Net Worth, Cause Of Death

William Bowser Williams Real Age

Although the exact date of Mrs. Williams’s birth is unknown, we know that she was 49  years old at the time of her death.

Tandra Bowser Williams Husband

Williams was married to her husband of 26 years Curtis Williams.

Tandra Bowser Williams Children

Tandra had a son at the time of her death. In an interview with the News, her husband Curtis had stated how the mother of one was raising a young nephew, three foster kids and even taking care of her two sisters all by herself. Curtis described his late wife as a dedicated mother who had ‘nerves of steel’.

Tandra Bowser-Williams Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Willimas is unknown as she was not a celebrity or a popular person. We can however estimate that she had a net worth of $40,000 as the annual salary for a Correctional Officer in the U.S is $38,954.

Tandra Bowser-Williams Cause of Death

Williams had died as a result of a botched Brazillian butt lift in the hands of the bogus plastic surgeon Dr.Hector Cabral. It was reported that the surgery took place on May 13 at the Cento Internacional De Ciruugio Plastica Avazanda in Santo Domingo.

The hospital was owned by Dr.Cabral who has been prosecuted once for unauthorized practice of medicine in New York before moving to the Dominican Republic.

Williams had suffered from a severe stroke after the surgery as she had gone for fats transfer surgery. She died on May 14 shortly after the stroke.



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