Todd Boehly Children: Does Todd Boehly Have Kids?

Todd Boehly Children

Boehly is the leader of a partnership that has agreed to buy Chelsea for roughly £4.25 billion – the largest sports takeover in history.


By the end of May, Boehly and his team, which includes billionaires Mark Walter and Hansjorg Wyss as well as investment firm Clearlake Capital, are likely to become the new Chelsea owners.


And Boehly was definitely destined for greatness, as he was named one of the “Future Leaders of the United States” in his high school yearbook.


Boehly juggled his studies and a promising sports career as a teenager, starring in both baseball and American football teams.


In 1990 and 1991, he coached the wrestling team to back-to-back IAC titles.


Landon dedicated their gym the Boehly Family Wrestling Room in his honor since his accomplishments were so well-received at the private college.


Boehly came to the school in 2014 for the wrestling room’s grand opening, when he was joined by classmates and wrestlers.

While striking a bat on a baseball field in a game for his school, the future Los Angeles Dodgers owner also looked at ease.

Later in the yearbook, he is included among four other students as one of the ‘Future Leaders of the United States,’ indicating that his athletic activities did not impede his scholastic success.


Boehly will succeed Roman Abramovich as Chelsea manager after thirty years.


Chelsea’s official website issued a statement that read: “The new owners are expected to invest £1.75 billion in the club’s future.


“This includes continuous financing for the Chelsea Foundation as well as investments in Stamford Bridge, the Academy, the Women’s Team, and Kingsmeadow.

Does Todd Boehly Have Kids?

Todd Boehly is the father of three sons with his wife Katie Boehly.



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