The Black Dahlia Band’s lead vocalist Trevor Strnad passed away at 41. The metal band singer had reportedly died on May,7,2022, and was confirmed by his bandmates in an Instagram post yesterday.

Trevor Strnad Net Worth 2022: What Was Trevor Strnad's Net Worth at His Death?
Trevor Strnad Net Worth 2022: What Was Trevor Strnad’s Net Worth at His Death?

The band was formed in 2002 and was named after the Elizabeth short murder case, which was unsolved in 1947. the case was popularly known as the ‘Black Dahlia murder which is the group’s name. Trevor had been the lead vocalist for the group and was the leader. Alan Cassidy(drummer), Brian Eschbach(rhythm guitar), Max Lavelle(bassist), and Brandon Ellis are currently the surviving members of the group.

The group had gone on many tours and performed their music all around America and Europe. Their albums had been hits and for more than a decade of career, their sings have been in the U.S Billboard best 200 with their fifth album ‘Ritual ‘managing to be at 31 in 2011 Billboard. The group as of 2020 had been able to attend 472 tour concerts and made 9 successful albums,12 music videos, and 2 EPs.

Trevor Strnad’s Networth

There have been many who want to know about the net worth of the metal singer Strnad before his death . Strnad tweeted in 2017 about not having enough income through the sales of his music and tour concerts. He stated that his fans were not buying the album but were rather pirating it and releasing it for free which has created difficulties in getting enough sales. He added that the agents, distributors, and salespersons who had to be paid for selling the albums seemed to be taking their money through costly commissions.

Thus, the metal singer can have estimated amount of $1million which can be more or less looking at the amount his other colleagues earn from their tours($5589).


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