Trey Songz Rape Case

In a $20 million sexual assault case, Trey Songz is accused of raping a lady in his own home. On March 24, 2016, a Jane Doe whose alleged connection with Songz was at first consensual but later changed filed a sexual assault case against the popular performer.

Who is Accusing Trey Songz of Rape?

Trey Songz has been accused of sexually assaulting an unidentified woman who attended a house party at his place, even though the woman had previously said that she did not wish to have anal sex with Songz.

Songz allegedly violently pushed his penis into the woman’s anus after removing her pants when they entered the room. She stated that the examination found “severe anal tears that could necessitate surgical intervention.”

This is not the singer’s first rape case; he is presently facing two rape charges.

A spokesperson for Songz issued a statement to Billboard firmly denying the accusations. This comes just hours after Songz accused one of his lawyers of witness tampering in a previous lawsuit they filed against him on behalf of another woman, according to his spokesman.

On New Year’s Eve in 2017, Jauhara Jeffries was assaulted in a nightclub by the singer, and she claims that Ariel Mitchell, the lawyer defending her, tried to bribe witnesses in order to influence the outcome of the case.


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